DGB thank you everyone!!

November 14th, 2013 3:16pm

We cannot thank everyone enough for their show of love, support, and belief in our cause! Your generosity has truly made this year's event the most successful one yet. Each year, our event evolves into something bigger and better, and that's only through the selflessness of everyone who donated their time and talents. We are so proud to say that in two days we raised $53,000! 
A special thank you to Nancy, Jodie, Susan, Jen, Barb C..Lori, Stacy, Karen C., Karen W.,Carrie, Tobi, Jen S., Jen V., Donna, Missy, Kate, Francesca, Chris, Laurie, Hope, Tim, Carolyn, Jen L., Sue, Dawn, Corey, Bucky and everyone else who was kind enough to donate their time and efforts to this great cause!

Thank you Ida Saki, Michelle Dorrance, Mishay Petronelli and Evan Ruggiero. You are the kindest, most generous people. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and love of dance with us! We are so proud that we can say you are part of Dancers Give Back and could never thank you enough!

Thank you to all of the teachers who support us. Your friendship is very important to us and we are so grateful. You are all such an important part of DGB and we are beyond happy to know and love you all!

Thank you AJ and Julie! The time and love you put into making this event a success is unbelievable! It could never happen without the two of you working tirelessly behind the scenes!

Thank you to my beautiful daughter Ali, who started this amazing event 6 years ago. Your kindness and belief that we can make a difference has brought joy to so many people. We all leave Dancers Give Back feeling a little better, more connected and hopeful!! The whole dance community of Western New York is more united and closer than ever, thanks to you. We love you and admire your dedication so much!!! You make us all better people!

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