Congratulations everyone! You did it!!

July 12th, 2016 8:32pm

We have talked about so many things since we returned from NYCDA Nationals. We realize we are a small studio compared to the studios we see at competition. But somehow we continue to place in the very elite spots of the competitions we attend. Keep in mind we attended the New York City Dance Alliance. A competition that we feel attracts the best talent, offers a workshop with an extremely gifted faculty and is up to the competition standards we believe in. There are no extra fees to be entered in Title or Gala. Every studio is by no means guaranteed a spot in the Gala. 

This week from our mini's to our seniors we not only held our own but scored extremely well. We had 4 solos selected regionally to compete in the Outstanding Dancer competition. That's an accomplishment in itself. Our groups scored platinum in every category. We were awarded the Studio Versatility Award, given to the studio whose dancers can compete and excel in every genre. We had the highest scoring tap routine in the Junior, Teen and Senior divisions. MADS had a Senior Solo place in the top 20. Two of our duets placed in the Senior overalls. Madison and Katie performed Byron Tittle's contemporary duet that was awarded 8th Place Nationally and Katie and Maddie performed Ali's tap duet that was 1st Overall. 

Kennedy was awarded a $5,000 college scholarship. And many of our girls took advantage of classes at Broadway Dance Center as well as special opportunity auditions held at NYCDA. One of our students made the cut for Hamilton and the Rockettes. We received so many awards for Musicality, Execution, Style, Technique, Choreography, Concept, Interpretation, Smiles, Expression, Energy and Showmanship. 

To all of you who aren't familiar with New York City Dance Alliance, it is so hard to get a routine to perform in the Gala. Unlike other competitions, they don't let every studio perform their best or highest scoring piece. You have to be one of 6 or 7 highest scoring dances overall in the nation. This week we had two dances earning that honor. One Teen Tap and one Senior Tap. Ali's Tap Routine Fault Lines won the National Choreography Awad for the Senior Division. The feeling our girls had from being selected to perform is like no other. It is an honor only a few dancers and studios get to experience. 

This all takes work on everyone's part. The students as well as the parents and faculty. 

We have a very gifted faculty and a close relationship with each other. We also have the privilege of knowing the most talented artists who have given our students so much of their time and talent. Byron Tittle and Ida Saki are two of the best. We were so thrilled when they agreed to come work with us. We can't thank them enough, not only for their choreography but for bringing their artistry to our students. They have given them a unique approach to their dancing and enhanced their style and approach to the routines they choreographed. Our in house teachers and choreographers are beyond talented. AJ Overton, Ali Dietz, Julie LaMancuso, Kristen Danga, Angel Mammoliti, Jen Repp, Susan Zydel, Denise Gorny and Karly Cappelli are simply the best at what they do. Their pride in the girls is honest and sincere. They want nothing but the best for them. Their dedication reaches such a high level, that it makes me so proud to know them as friends, co-workers and artists. I have no doubt that we have one of the best faculty's in the country. I am bursting with pride over everyone's accomplishments. Not many studios walked away from a very challenging nationals as successful as we did. 

Congratulations to you all! You deserve it!!

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