Get ready for our recital! June 16th and 17th

Put on your dancing shoes, a new season is here at MADS

September 14th, 2020 12:03pm

MADS is so excited for the first day back to classes.  We feel very inspired to begin a new season of dance, and cannot wait to be together in the studio and start another amazing year! 


We are aware that coming to dance for the first time or even returning after several months of being away, can be a bit scary for students, so here are some tips to make your first days a little bit easier:


-Talk to you child about their feelings.  When children feel upset or nervous, it is often difficult for them to express these feelings.  As a parent or family member, you can initiate the conversation to help make the topic easier to discuss.

-Run through the daily routine with the child.  For many students who have had a different routine since March of this year, jumping back into school and extra curricular activities may be very difficult to adjust.  By running through the daily schedule and setting the expectations for the child, this will help the adjustment be more smooth.

-You can also practice first-day interactions.  For students that have a difficult time with social-skills, practicing a dialog can be quite helpful to break the ice and help meet new friends. Create simple scenarios to allow your child to introduce he or she to the class. 

-Talk about the teacher and class assistant.  Reassure the student that any questions or doubts they have will be addressed by the teacher and class assistant.  They are there to make the class fun and enjoyable!


Mary Alice’s is committed to making this year an excellent one for your children, and upmost importance is placed on providing an inclusive, safe, and creative space for our students.  Thank you for choosing us, because “When you’re here, you’re home”.  Don’t hesitate to call or email our studio if there are any unanswered questions or concerns. See you soon!

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