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Our Culture

Our Culture

Mary Alice's Dance Studio provides a positive and nurturing environment that focuses on building the life skills that are so valuable in the everyday world. We strive to create dancers that are well-rounded and versatile in numerous genres of performance. Our students are kind, generous, caring and responsible. We offer you and your family a five star experience. 

We believe dance is one of the most incredible, healthy activities for children of all ages. The benefits of dance include self confidence, beautiful posture, strong muscles, safe flexibility training, musicality, performance skills, appreciation of the art form, coordination and balance. Dance strengthens organizational skills, time management, dependability, punctuality, responsibility, respect, and teamwork.

Our goal is to guide each individual child along a path that we feel best suits their needs and talents. Students should get the most out of their dance experience, armed with essential life skills that lead to success in whatever they pursue.

We consider our educational students to be as important as our competitive students. You won't find another studio that takes both aspects of dance as serious as we do!